A Buff design for the Dobra Fabryka / Good Factory

This project was a special order of a original Buff design. It was a limited gadget created for the ®Good Factory / Dobra Fabryka, a charity organisation which is manufacturing good in Africa, Asia and Europe. Every year, their support goes to almost 40 000 people. They not only feed and treat, but also provide education and jobs. 

The design I've created was based on an African background. The main idea was to create a neckwear, that would not only be
a gadget, but also a funcional part of nowadays wardrobe.
®Buff is a multifunctional eco product, designed for all-year-round use, not only for travelers, but because it has ideal protection against the cold, it's just very functional during high intensity outdoor activities such as trail running, trekking, bouldering, hiking, horse riding, cycling or riding a motorbike. It's also a great support during a pandemia, because it can replace mask. 
The patterns based on an old map of Africa and original photo of African Vulcanos in Rwanda - Karisimbi and Bisoke. Final print in
®​​​​​​​Buff headquarters in Barcelona ♥.

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