The idea to continue the brewing history in Rybnik was born out of sentiment for tradition. The project of BROWAR RYBNIK SA was started by enthusiasts of unique business projects who invited the local community to cooperate. The people of Rybnik who co-create Rybnik culture, art, business and are connected with the brewing tradition. 

My task was to create labels for new brewery products. The design was supposed to be connected with city of Rybnik, with its geographical surrounding, industrial, sportive and artistic culture. The logo was already created, so all I needed to do was to combine it all together in an original and modern design.

My work
Labels Design
Packaging Design
Print Design
Web Graphic Design
Catalogue Design
Outdoor Design
Drawings by Kazimiera Drewniok
Photos by Browar Rybnik SA
Design by Dorota Gabriel-Wojciechowska
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